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Secure Your Website

Build customer trust by building strong security into your brand’s identity. Sariya IT validate your identity and send a strong message that you make security a top priority.

Our Premium Protection

First, our certificates encrypt sensitive information—like credit card transactions, personal information & user passwords—using a 2048-bit algorithm. This ensures that even if the data is intercepted by a malicious third party, it cannot be read.
But encryption, by itself, is only half the equation. Our rigorous validation process goes a step further than standard (and often low cost) SSL to establish concrete proof of your identity. That way users can be sure that the person on the other side of the transaction is exactly who they claim to be.

Global Compliance

Sariya IT website security solutions go further than encryption, adding high identity assurance, industry-leading support, and a suite of powerful tools to secure your data, your customers, and your brand.

Why You Need an SSL

Installation of SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is essential for all websites, as it secures and increases search engine ranking. Google & other search engines give a higher ranking to the SSL-installed websites. We are here to help you install a valid SSL certificate.

Generate CSR & Key

A CSR is one of the first steps towards getting your SSL/TLS certificate. Generated on the same server you plan to install the certificate on, the CSR contains information. Sariya IT has an experienced team to install SSL certificates.

HTTP to HTTPS Redirection

The most popular browser marks an HTTP site as not Secure. To avoid making your visitor afraid and improve security, please consider switching to HTTPS. HTTPS allows more features such as Geo Location, Push Notification, HTTP/2, accurate analytics referral data from an HTTPS site. To make HTTP to HTTPS, we are here to support you.

Issue/Renew SSL Certificate

We have also SSL renewal service besides installation. You know, Google has always encouraged users to use an SSL certificate on their sites. So, It's mandatory to install or renew SSl certificate on your website.

Fix Any SSL Related Issues

As we are experts to fix in any website-related issues, We can also fix any SSL problem. We provide simple solutions to handle the complex need.

Fix Mixed Content Errors

Do you receive the mixed content error? There is no green padlock on your website? If yes, We can help you to completely secure your website by fixing mixed content errors on all your website pages.

Get SSL Certificate

It has been easier to install SSL on your website

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